Castle SmasherCastle Smasher
Load up your catapult, aim and fire stones at your enemies castles.
Stunt HamsterStunt Hamster
StuntHamster is ready for action. Shoot the hamster out of the cannon and fire him during his flight
Kitty throwKitty throw
Throw kitty as far as you can in 5 attempts.
Use your mouse to set angle and distance and then press the left mouse button to fire the cannon.
Toxic JumpToxic Jump
The carrot is on the run. Help him get to the safe ground by jumping from platform to platform on a
Cannon BodsCannon Bods
Aim your Bod, match the parachuting pirate and FIRE!
Yohoho CannonYohoho Cannon
Guide our ghost-ship through 28 levels in hostile seas.
Pop the balloons with your arrows!
Blue ArcherBlue Archer
Test your archery skills
Gibbets 2Gibbets 2
Save the hangmen
Meteor LaunchMeteor Launch
Launch a meteor up in the sky
Medievil SiegeMedievil Siege
Use catapult to destroy hostile castles
Milo PhysicsMilo Physics
Use the ball to collect all the stars.
War on PaperWar on Paper
Kill all enemies
Crusade 2 Players PackCrusade 2 Players Pack
Physics "Break castle" game
Launch sundrops to collect all the pearls in each level
Jelly cannonJelly cannon
Merge all yellow jellies on the level into one big jelly
Flying CrittersFlying Critters
Launch furry critters into portals
Archers OathArchers Oath
Use skill and your head!
BasketBalls Level PackBasketBalls Level Pack
Throw a basket
Rocket PetsRocket Pets
Launch your pet, collect coins and shop upgrades


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